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Corpse Fleet

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Not all elebrians supported their planet’s decision to join the Absalom Pact. Rather than face potential disarmament at the hands of the Stewards, many undead admirals and captains in the Eoxian Navy left the Pact Worlds and took their ships deep into space. The grim vessels of this so-called “Corpse Fleet,” forged of steel and bone and staffed with undead crews, have no need for atmosphere, food, or other supplies, allowing them to easily prey on the ships and crews of the living. Officially, Eox has severed all ties with the Corpse Fleet, claiming it’s a rogue remnant of the “old regime,” but many in the Pact Worlds suspect that the Bone Sages are still in communication with the ghastly armada, offering clandestine support to the Corpse Fleet and its activities.