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Dominion of the Black

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Predators from the Endless Dark

In the vast gulfs between the stars, which some philosophers call the Dark Tapestry, exists a coalition of obscenely powerful, aberrant beings known as the Dominion of the Black. Intergalactic in scope, the Dominion is believed to control countless worlds across multiple galaxies, yet it is no empire in the sense that most sentient species would understand. Planets that fall under Dominion authority are less colonies than production facilities, and any living creatures merely subjects for strange experiments.

The so-called “leaders” of the Dominion defy explanation, other than that they are colossal, malignant entities of unfathomable intellect and inscrutable ambition. These overlords are known only by awkward translations such as Infinity-Ceases-Now, The-Five-Who-Speak-As-One, and The-Whispers-of-the-Void-Have-Eyes. Some scholars postulate that the Dominion follows the orders and whims of the Dark Tapestry itself.

A wide variety of bizarre creatures serve the Dominion of the Black. In addition, the Dominion’s infamous, living starships— disturbing amalgamations of biological and inorganic components with lifespans measured in centuries—are piloted by a species called shipminds, genetically engineered in the Dominion’s fleshfarms to fuse both physically and mentally with their ships.

All of these creatures view humanoid life as inherently inferior, suitable only for observation, experimentation, and genetic manipulation—or worse, as simply raw biological material to create servitor species and technology. The Dominion of the Black is also embroiled in conflict with the cults of the Outer Gods, most notably over the strange world of Aucturn, though the exact nature of this enmity is unknown. The ultimate goals of the Dominion of the Black remain a dreadful mystery, with only hints of its intentions—whispered to be the extermination of sentient life throughout the universe, or its replacement by something from another reality.