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Interstellar Travel

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When history recommenced at the end of the Gap, many worlds found they had already established spaceflight and interplanetary trade. Vercite aetherships, Eoxian bonecruisers, Brethedan vacuum-swimming biovessels, and more all plied the void, and magical gates and dimension-hopping spells granted opportunities to visit other worlds and confer with colleagues throughout the system. Yet while spaceflight was relatively common, the vast distances between the stars still made travel beyond a single solar system mostly infeasible—the realm of planeswalking spellcasters or long-lived daredevils.


The ascension of Triune changed all that. While the solar system had always had gods dedicated to machines, even back to confirmed antiquity, they’d always remained relatively minor. Yet exactly 3 years after the end of the Gap in the Golarion System, a new deity revealed itself: a divine network integrating Epoch, the machine-built deity of Aballon; Casandalee, the god of androids; and Brigh, the clockwork goddess. Calling itself Triune, this new collective consciousness vaulted to prominence by providing mortals with access to a heretofore unknown hyperspace dimension called the Drift, reachable only via technology and granting easy travel to distant stars. For a relatively low price, ships could now acquire a Drift engine that let them slip quickly between star systems.

In the wake of this revelation, a land rush began. The adventurous and disenfranchised sought opportunity in new colonies. Corporations sought resources and freedom from regulation. Governments sought to expand their territories. Yet as quickly as it began, this exodus hit its first hurdles, for many “new” worlds were already inhabited or bore strange contagions inimical to life, and predatory civilizations both vast and incomprehensible lurked in the dark between the stars. New races flooded the Pact Worlds in turn, coming in peace and in war, forcing the worlds to come together for mutual protection and in shared appreciation for all they held in common. Today, space exploration remains rampant and lucrative for citizens of the Pact Worlds, but it’s still a romantic pursuit and fraught with danger.