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The Arms

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Visitors to Absalom Station disembark along one of the station’s protruding Arms, which house dozens of different docks and bays ranging from force-walled, atmosphere-filled hangars you can fly your ship into to more conventional airless bays or, if your ship is larger, docking tubes and mooring clamps. Docks are assigned by Absalom Traffic Control, yet this is more than just a question of space, as different docks all have different characteristics. A ship full of gilled kalo, for instance, would likely prefer to dock near the flooded chambers of the Puddles, while most well-off merchant captains would rather fly into the sun than pay Little Akiton’s unofficial “docking fees” or watch their cargo walk away on its notoriously crime-ridden docks.

The Arms consist of more than just docks, however. Like those in spaceports anywhere, the corridors leading to the station’s center are lined with everything a spacer coming stationside might need, from lodging and entertainment to bustling markets and shops. Many traders coming to the station never bother to leave the Arms, and the residential areas that have sprung up to support these services are also the most likely to contain facilities or whole neighborhoods for creatures that find the station’s humanocentric living conditions unpleasant. Government-run quarantine centers left over from the Stardust Plague still operate here, now used by customs agents to screen travelers of unfamiliar species.